Because ∑ (human + AI) > human or AI alone

AI as a topic is about more than just LLMs and content creation. At its core, the LLMs that underpin today’s advances in AI are built on data. When you operationalize AI, you’re essentially operationalizing data.
GenAI and cybersecurity are buzzwords that lead to confusion and fear. With our strategy consulting and services, you get a clear technical view of what's possible in a sea of bewildering choices.

Boldingbroke Consulting is an LLC registered in the state of Wyoming. For more details, contact us.

What We Do

Data, your personal information, is a form of currency in today’s online world. No longer is your IP integrity guaranteed as geographical boundaries and jurisprudence are increasingly ignored by hackers, thieves, well-intentioned analytics gurus, and data scientists creating LLMs.
For the longest time, the focus has been on building out networks, infrastructure, and the applications that run on top of them. Now however, to protect your valuable assets, the paradigm needs to shift to protecting the data that runs through and powers that infrastructure.
In order to know how AI and data aggregators use your assets, you need a strategy. You need a way to regain control of your valuable IP and ensure that AI is benefit rather than a threat.
At Boldingbroke, we specialize in Cybersecurity and AI: Strategy and advising on productization of technology in a way that is sustainable and ethical.

The Team

Dr. Sharon L. Bolding: A senior Product, Services, and Data Science Manager focused on M2M communications, NLP, Cybersecurity, FinTech, as well as strategy for Data Monetization and Informatics. With over 30 years experience in startups and early stage companies, she has worked in data-intensive companies spanning connected devices, mobile services, banking, ecommerce, international product development, and information retrieval companies.Specialties:
• AI and Data strategy for next gen platforms and services
• Storytelling with data via semantics, ML, and NLP
• Connecting the Virtual & Real World through API data exchanges
• Cybersecurity for B2B and B2C platforms using AI
• Advocacy, strategy, content/tools/platform development
• Multi-tier, multi-market product strategies
• Customer/Vendor/Partner service agreement and negotiation
• Product P&L planning and management
• Extensive start-up experience

Contact Us

All we need is 8 hours to understand and define the problem, then figure out a strategy before you spend a lot of money building an AI solution that might be misdirected. Technology is not always the answer. Sometimes it's process engineering or market fit. Honest advice and clear actionable plans for AI in your stack or project will result. Tell us about yourself and we'll meet up.

Boldingbroke Consulting is an LLC registered in the state of Wyoming. For more details, contact us.